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Curtains veil the woman in her house from the rest.

 Everyone has creativity, for some people it is a recreation, for others, a career- but for me, it is a way to shape our culture and world. Born and raised in the heart of Sweden, I packed my bags and moved to the US for the love of music and to follow my dream to make a living as an artist. It has been a decade of working really heard and throughout those lessons I have learned and crafted a unique way of being creative, learning everything I could that inspired me. Passion drives me forward and It has shaped me into a multi-faceted Artist. 



&Stories Untold

My photography, a creative  extension of myself and my life, takes root in the beauty and inspiration found in everyday life. Roaming in from the heart of Sweden, my style has been influenced by years of international travel, meeting people , friendship, and culture across the world, and the belief that the most important moments of life are often best documented by someone who feels like a friend. I work in an easy, fun, and informal way, which invites immediate comfort  I love working with brands that has big and fun ideas, artist and creatives as well as everyday life and travel photography. 



It has always been magical being surrounded by music. I have always wanted to share that with others. I often get to witness so many artist in their raw format creating and developing a song. It's something truly special. I wanted to combine two of my favorite things. Music and Sunsets. A golden Hour Session in a Field can't go wrong. 

So I grabbed my camera, sound equipment and set up in my favorite field to be able to share this magic with you. I hope you will stick around and that we together can enjoy a lot of sunset sessions.