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Curtains veil the woman in her house from the rest.

 Everyone has creativity, for some people it is a recreation, for others, a career- but for me, it is a way to shape our culture and world. Born and raised in the heart of Sweden, I packed my bags and moved to the US for the love of music and to follow my dream to make a living as an artist. It has been a decade of working really heard and throughout those lessons I have learned and crafted a unique way of being creative, learning everything I could that inspired me. Passion drives me forward and It has shaped me into a multi-faceted Artist. 



It has always been magical being surrounded by music. I have always wanted to share that with others. I often get to witness so many artist in their raw format creating and developing a song. It's something truly special. I wanted to combine two of my favorite things. Music and Sunsets. A golden Hour Session in a Field can't go wrong. 

So I grabbed my camera, sound equipment and set up in my favorite field to be able to share this magic with you. I hope you will stick around and that we together can enjoy a lot of sunset sessions.