Brain On Fire


Brain. On. Fire. - Does anyone else feel like that?

I love the happy stress, I have a way to work much better under pressure. It's like I get the right kick when I have a sharp deadline and have to think fast, my good ideas always come out under pressure. I tent to see the final result super clear and be excited about that and then get overwhelmed by the in-between. The now. Don't get me wrong, I love the little steps but I have a hard time to know where to start since I want to start it all at once but most of the time I don't have the resources to and my vision of the result won't be as good as I first had imagined and it makes me feel bad. I feel like I failed even before I start. As soon as I have it all hammered down I work super efficiently. I just need to know what I'm doing. I hate the feeling of knowing I can do it better but don't have the assets or time to.

 All those ideas. My heart beats fast from excitement but then I get overwhelmed and end up not doing one single thing.


I have gotten better. I've leaned that To-Do lists work great for me and to let myself work super hard for a few days and give myself a break from it here and there. I'm currently trying to strategize how and when to put out my music, write songs, film the process, finish up producing Interior Design as well as plan the most exciting thing. My personal journey across Crete. I want all those things to work together.  I'm starting small by writing down the simple things I need to pack. That's always a good start. I talked to my sister today and realized my route looks like a mustache. I'm walking west then south then up the middle then down south towards east to stop at the sort of center, in Agios Nikolaos where I lived until the age of 9 3/4.  Just now when typing I realize I need to schedule some time to really get used to flying my drone. Oh Man.  


I helped Laura photograph a wedding yesterday. It was great to spend some time and catch up.

Palm Springs and the desert makes me calm. My grandmother was a big fan of photographing flowers and nature and I kind of feel like her when I squat down between colorful cacti right to left, I forgot my film camera but the iPhone 8plus is great for shots like this.


Look at this wild cacti. This vivid pink grows in the wild, among a field in shades of dusty sage green. Laura had a knife in her bag so I cut us each a leaf so we could propagate. We named them Foula and Laurlaa and I have high hopes for them. I want them to bloom amongst a field in shades of dusty sage green. I want them to be that vivid pink. 


It's acutually super easy to propagate cacti!

You just wiggle the leaf until it detaches, it's ok to help with a knife but I tend to like the natural cut more. I used the knife to push. After that you just let them sit in the sun until the end calluses over. It takes about 4-5 days. You can then stick it in soil and it will root and bloom. The reason you let the bottom dry over is because you don't want it to rotten. When I propagete from small succulent leaf I let them dry for a few days then rest them on a bed of soil until they root and get small new leaf before I plant them.

Plant the cactus in a pot filled with stones on the bottom, and then well drained organic cactus mix. It will take a few weeks for it to root but they you will start to see new pieces pop up!

I have a super pretty cacti I brought home and propagated from when I was in Sedona, Arizona a few years ago.


Beauty everywhere. I love all these beautiful sage green colors and dry grass. Then all of a sudden there's a pop of color from a wild cacti.


I'm spending this Sunday doing final notes on some FGL videos I made as well as take care of my current plants and just get my brain organized. I'm using an awesome weekly planner and To-Do list from Grandpa's LOWKEY. It's so clean and beautiful and I get excited to fill it up each Sunday for the upcoming week.

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