What Are You Grateful For?


I have had an amazing time with my best friend Natalie. She is one of the sweetest and most humble and genuine people I have ever met. You can see it in her eyes. 



I'm really greatful for Natalie. 

We have been friends for about 10 years and connect in so many ways. Natalie is super creative, a singer and songwriter, a chef  and an inspiring woman. We used to sew pillows together and sell as well as write songs when she lived in Orange County.

Natalie and her husband Kyle moved to Nashville right after their wedding in 2013 to pursue their music career. Little did they know what Natalie was going to be diagnosed with Leukemia 8 months later at the age of 24.

Natalie's journey is super inspiring. She managed to get through the treatment really well and coming up on 4 years in remission. She was so positive and strong through her whole treatment and really open about her journey and I think that's really important.

While being treated, she was placed on a very strict diet where she could not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables. This was to protect her from potentially harmful bacteria since her immune system was so low. It was that crazy diet that inspired her to take a deeper look into the whole food as medicine thing.

After finishing treatment, she decided to put her new found  passion to work and study to become a certified Holistic Health Coach.She wanted to help others who are going through similar health challenges, as well as those wanting to change their lives by transforming their relationship with food. Changing her diet helped her through her treatment as well as helped her to feel better now post-cancer.

You can read Natalies full story on her beautiful plant based blog where she share a lot of magical recipes. She also recently launched her Youtube channel where you can follow along and cook all those amazing dishes. 

Natalie and I have an tradition of going to Cafe Graditute the same day she gets to town.

We share a wellness shot and usually order the Humble Bowl with half rice and half quinoa. It's so good!



I'm sad to drop her off at the airport tomorrow but we both have so much fun stuff ahead so all I can think of right now is to see her again soon and talk about our recent adventures. 


What are you grateful for?



With Love,



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