Thrifting Finds


Laura and I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend. I love thrifting and I have found a lot of gems there throughout the years. Above you see my most recent “catch”.

I have a thing for ships, there’s already another 10 bux thrifted ship painting in the livingroom but this one was made with oil and original and I could not resist it. I think I got it for $15. I took out $100 bux for the market and spent $9 on the entrance and spent the rest on all this little things.

I’m planing to attach a soft fluffy blanket behind the Shibori blanket I got. I think those are very ugly but very confirtable and keeps you warm so I figured a little DIY could be a good idea.


My little rustic yellow house. Will I ever leave? Should I stay or should I go? Is it time for memories somewhere else?

It does not have perfect floors, there’s holes and there’s notches. But it’s worn in and has a very comforting vibe. I have always had a hard time decorating it and especially when it comes to rugs. My previous rug had gotten a lot of wear and tear and had to be replaced. I bough two options and I think this creamy one is going to be the winner.

When opening the door to my house you enter right into the Living Room and sofa area. I can’t have a too big rug cause the door won’t open. This is a baby 4’X6’.


Since I’m sharing some of my thrifting I though that maybe you wanted to see some of my Joshua Tree scores. I highly suggest driving over there and stopping at all the cool spots.

I’ve very excited about the stained glass that I’m going to mount on one of the window corners and the cool natural coasters and my lamp!


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Have a wonderful week!

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