Just Do Something


The morning light comes through my kitchen window in a beautiful way, It slips through and over asking me to just sit and enjoy. It moves, It does something.

Finally I took time for myself. Time to get inspired and have room for creativity that is effortless, no judgement it’s just there.

My friend Lauren reached out to me and asked If I could take some pictures of her flower creations and have some Swedish Pancakes. It was a given YES!

I have been busy since I got back from Greece creating homes and interiors with little to no time to create for myself, stop and reflect.


Sometimes we don’t know what to do, or can’t do it up to our own expectations so we end up doing nothing, at least thats what I tend to do.

I have been feeling a little lost lately. But that is ok. It is just a season and something that will help me grow. I don’t have to know where I’m going, I am a river and I flow.

Just this thing about blogging. It’s very important to me to be as real as I can. To share the real thing, I tend to overthink and write nothing. Share nothing. Nothing,..

So I decided to DO SOMETHING. It does not have to be perfect. It can just be.

I' have been reflecting a lot lately. Of who I have become and what brought me here.

Today, most my time is spend designing peoples homes. I love it, it’s creative and a challenge everyday. I like that I see results and get to finish something I dreamt up. I have stepped into a lot of fields in my past 10 years. I ventured out and into adulthood with the dream to be a recording artist releasing music, connect with people and make them feel something. See the world, learn and be inspired.

I have judged myself for giving up, not giving in, not taking the full leap of faith, the fair of failure. But you know what? I’m still doing what I’ve always been dreaming about.

I do release music, I connect with people and make them feel something. Simple as that.

I would like to say that my dreams have shaped into something even more meaningful. it’s just not one thing. I have been lucky to create in so many fields. Music, photography, video, graphics, interiors and cooking to just name a few. And I can make a living doing just that. Creating. I have managed to get a Green Card after years of hard work, I get to live in Los Angeles and be creative. That is hard.

Looking at flowers, my favorite are the wild ones. Or a bouquet of this and that put together in the moment. To be really honest, I hate a bunch of red roses. It has no meaning to me. We are all different and I have to understand that I’m not a bunch of something generic. I’m a bouquet of wild flowers brought together in the moment.

I know I’m forming my own artistic pattern, I’m a single stream that separates again and again, it meets at some point to yet again separate and flow.

I’m braiding my own life. A river that flows.

I have a lot of passion and I’m curious. It has led me to so many exciting places and I know there’s so much more out there.

For now, here’s the first of my Sunday Morning With Lauren. She is a gem and so are her beautilities of flowers.

We have done a few so I’m going to get better at doing something and share more. Even when I have no clear direction. Even when my feel happen to get captured on every other image.

Your_Johnson_Flowers-8840 (1).jpg
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