Thrifting Finds

Laura and I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend. I love thrifting and I have found a lot of gems there throughout the years. Above you see my most recent “catch”.

I have a thing for ships, there’s already another 10 bux thrifted ship painting in the livingroom but this one was made with oil and original and I could not resist it. I think I got it for $15. I took out $100 bux for the market and spent $9 on the entrance and spent the rest on all this little things.

I’m planing to attach a soft fluffy blanket behind the Shibori blanket I got. I think those are very ugly but very confirtable and keeps you warm so I figured a little DIY could be a good idea.


My little rustic yellow house. Will I ever leave? Should I stay or should I go? Is it time for memories somewhere else?

It does not have perfect floors, there’s holes and there’s notches. But it’s worn in and has a very comforting vibe. I have always had a hard time decorating it and especially when it comes to rugs. My previous rug had gotten a lot of wear and tear and had to be replaced. I bough two options and I think this creamy one is going to be the winner.

When opening the door to my house you enter right into the Living Room and sofa area. I can’t have a too big rug cause the door won’t open. This is a baby 4’X6’.


Since I’m sharing some of my thrifting I though that maybe you wanted to see some of my Joshua Tree scores. I highly suggest driving over there and stopping at all the cool spots.

I’ve very excited about the stained glass that I’m going to mount on one of the window corners and the cool natural coasters and my lamp!


Please leave me a little comment if you read my blog!

Have a wonderful week!

With Love,


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Just Do Something

The morning light comes through my kitchen window in a beautiful way, It slips through and over asking me to just sit and enjoy. It moves, It does something.

Finally I took time for myself. Time to get inspired and have room for creativity that is effortless, no judgement it’s just there.

My friend Lauren reached out to me and asked If I could take some pictures of her flower creations and have some Swedish Pancakes. It was a given YES!

I have been busy since I got back from Greece creating homes and interiors with little to no time to create for myself, stop and reflect.


Sometimes we don’t know what to do, or can’t do it up to our own expectations so we end up doing nothing, at least thats what I tend to do.

I have been feeling a little lost lately. But that is ok. It is just a season and something that will help me grow. I don’t have to know where I’m going, I am a river and I flow.

Just this thing about blogging. It’s very important to me to be as real as I can. To share the real thing, I tend to overthink and write nothing. Share nothing. Nothing,..

So I decided to DO SOMETHING. It does not have to be perfect. It can just be.

I' have been reflecting a lot lately. Of who I have become and what brought me here.

Today, most my time is spend designing peoples homes. I love it, it’s creative and a challenge everyday. I like that I see results and get to finish something I dreamt up. I have stepped into a lot of fields in my past 10 years. I ventured out and into adulthood with the dream to be a recording artist releasing music, connect with people and make them feel something. See the world, learn and be inspired.

I have judged myself for giving up, not giving in, not taking the full leap of faith, the fair of failure. But you know what? I’m still doing what I’ve always been dreaming about.

I do release music, I connect with people and make them feel something. Simple as that.

I would like to say that my dreams have shaped into something even more meaningful. it’s just not one thing. I have been lucky to create in so many fields. Music, photography, video, graphics, interiors and cooking to just name a few. And I can make a living doing just that. Creating. I have managed to get a Green Card after years of hard work, I get to live in Los Angeles and be creative. That is hard.

Looking at flowers, my favorite are the wild ones. Or a bouquet of this and that put together in the moment. To be really honest, I hate a bunch of red roses. It has no meaning to me. We are all different and I have to understand that I’m not a bunch of something generic. I’m a bouquet of wild flowers brought together in the moment.

I know I’m forming my own artistic pattern, I’m a single stream that separates again and again, it meets at some point to yet again separate and flow.

I’m braiding my own life. A river that flows.

I have a lot of passion and I’m curious. It has led me to so many exciting places and I know there’s so much more out there.

For now, here’s the first of my Sunday Morning With Lauren. She is a gem and so are her beautilities of flowers.

We have done a few so I’m going to get better at doing something and share more. Even when I have no clear direction. Even when my feel happen to get captured on every other image.

Your_Johnson_Flowers-8840 (1).jpg
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Fear Of Nothing

Fear is only temporary, regret lasts forever.

I have been so afraid to fail. Afraid to give my all and end up with nothing. I tried to go for Plan B and C and sometimes D, took jobs I liked but did not love, I compromised  too much, I did not respect myself enough to let myself live to my fullest potential.I let go of my dreams. I thought my dreams were too big and too crazy, or maybe it was society making me feel that way, I did not love the person I had become, she stressed me out. She was not herself. She was not free, but formost, she was not fulfilled. She was a fool running in circles in search of nothing.

I tried to be someone I was not.

We are all searching for true connection. It's built within us. This voice inside, wanting to be understood and loved unconditionally.


Love has it's own kind of magic, It's hard to understand something that you don't understand. You bend, you break, you search but you don't understand. It comes and it goes but It can never be replaced, only become something new. Something different. The love that you feel for someone, and when that person leaves you, you don't understand. You feel stupid, you feel like a fool, lonely, you don't feel connected. Maybe you love someone so hard but they don't love you back. What is that? Is it real love? Is it is it love or infatuation? When do you know when love is real? Does it have to be both ways? I though I knew. Maybe I didn't after all.

When my 10 year old relationship ended this past August my fear died. I was numb, quiet. All those thoughts that constantly buzzed inside my head were gone. Numb. I don't think I have ever been as strong and as calm as I was on August 19th. You can't choose what happens to you, but you can choose to find and embrace the light in any situation. To listen. To search for the connection. 

 Regardless, I knew one thing, I had to look for the light. I was not going to let myself down. My heart was broken enough I had to give myself back. For me. My heart was like a balloon that kept being stabbed and I tried to blow it up but did not have enough hands to cover up all the wounds. As much as the truth hurt. It was the truth. He never wanted to hurt me. 

Love Never Fails.

79350HCgol830007-R7-169 (1).jpg

You can't understand what you can't understand. I decided to focus on the love that I had and focus on what truly made me happy. I have been putting my dreams to the side for years and now after losing love like this I was fearless. I did not care if I failed. I had already lost at love, I cared to try. I cared to find my own happiness, love myself. The only thing I can control is what I decide to do with my life. What goals I set for myself and how I decide to live my days. How I want to be towards others. My grandfather used to say, "There's light in everyone and everything. Find it. Focus on it. "

It's OK to say " God, I don't think I can forgive, but I'm asking you to give me the grace and strength to do it!" To forgive. To show grace towards everyone. The lead image is taken just a few days before our relationship took an unexpected turn. Somehow it's one of my favorite images. It breaks my heart to look at it at the same time that It makes me feel really loved. Find the light, focus on it.

I still feel like a fool. Fooled. But I'm certain everything will fall into place. We so often see just the perfect side of life and no one opens up for real. I think it's important to share and I will do so slowly slowly. I want everyone out there to remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



"The whole deal about loving truly and for real and with all you’ve got has everything to do with letting those we love see us. Silence makes hard things harder than they need to be. It creates a secret you’re too beautiful to keep. Telling has a way of dispersing things. The other side of fearlessness is fear. The other side of strength is fragility. The other side of power is faith. Put yourself in the way of beauty. When the path reveals itself, follow it. "

Cheryl Strayed



With Love,





Image by : Laura Goldenberger  ( CanyonMoonRise)



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Brain On Fire

Brain. On. Fire. - Does anyone else feel like that?

I love the happy stress, I have a way to work much better under pressure. It's like I get the right kick when I have a sharp deadline and have to think fast, my good ideas always come out under pressure. I tent to see the final result super clear and be excited about that and then get overwhelmed by the in-between. The now. Don't get me wrong, I love the little steps but I have a hard time to know where to start since I want to start it all at once but most of the time I don't have the resources to and my vision of the result won't be as good as I first had imagined and it makes me feel bad. I feel like I failed even before I start. As soon as I have it all hammered down I work super efficiently. I just need to know what I'm doing. I hate the feeling of knowing I can do it better but don't have the assets or time to.

 All those ideas. My heart beats fast from excitement but then I get overwhelmed and end up not doing one single thing.


I have gotten better. I've leaned that To-Do lists work great for me and to let myself work super hard for a few days and give myself a break from it here and there. I'm currently trying to strategize how and when to put out my music, write songs, film the process, finish up producing Interior Design as well as plan the most exciting thing. My personal journey across Crete. I want all those things to work together.  I'm starting small by writing down the simple things I need to pack. That's always a good start. I talked to my sister today and realized my route looks like a mustache. I'm walking west then south then up the middle then down south towards east to stop at the sort of center, in Agios Nikolaos where I lived until the age of 9 3/4.  Just now when typing I realize I need to schedule some time to really get used to flying my drone. Oh Man.  


I helped Laura photograph a wedding yesterday. It was great to spend some time and catch up.

Palm Springs and the desert makes me calm. My grandmother was a big fan of photographing flowers and nature and I kind of feel like her when I squat down between colorful cacti right to left, I forgot my film camera but the iPhone 8plus is great for shots like this.


Look at this wild cacti. This vivid pink grows in the wild, among a field in shades of dusty sage green. Laura had a knife in her bag so I cut us each a leaf so we could propagate. We named them Foula and Laurlaa and I have high hopes for them. I want them to bloom amongst a field in shades of dusty sage green. I want them to be that vivid pink. 


It's acutually super easy to propagate cacti!

You just wiggle the leaf until it detaches, it's ok to help with a knife but I tend to like the natural cut more. I used the knife to push. After that you just let them sit in the sun until the end calluses over. It takes about 4-5 days. You can then stick it in soil and it will root and bloom. The reason you let the bottom dry over is because you don't want it to rotten. When I propagete from small succulent leaf I let them dry for a few days then rest them on a bed of soil until they root and get small new leaf before I plant them.

Plant the cactus in a pot filled with stones on the bottom, and then well drained organic cactus mix. It will take a few weeks for it to root but they you will start to see new pieces pop up!

I have a super pretty cacti I brought home and propagated from when I was in Sedona, Arizona a few years ago.


Beauty everywhere. I love all these beautiful sage green colors and dry grass. Then all of a sudden there's a pop of color from a wild cacti.


I'm spending this Sunday doing final notes on some FGL videos I made as well as take care of my current plants and just get my brain organized. I'm using an awesome weekly planner and To-Do list from Grandpa's LOWKEY. It's so clean and beautiful and I get excited to fill it up each Sunday for the upcoming week.

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What Are You Grateful For?

I have had an amazing time with my best friend Natalie. She is one of the sweetest and most humble and genuine people I have ever met. You can see it in her eyes. 



I'm really greatful for Natalie. 

We have been friends for about 10 years and connect in so many ways. Natalie is super creative, a singer and songwriter, a chef  and an inspiring woman. We used to sew pillows together and sell as well as write songs when she lived in Orange County.

Natalie and her husband Kyle moved to Nashville right after their wedding in 2013 to pursue their music career. Little did they know what Natalie was going to be diagnosed with Leukemia 8 months later at the age of 24.

Natalie's journey is super inspiring. She managed to get through the treatment really well and coming up on 4 years in remission. She was so positive and strong through her whole treatment and really open about her journey and I think that's really important.

While being treated, she was placed on a very strict diet where she could not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables. This was to protect her from potentially harmful bacteria since her immune system was so low. It was that crazy diet that inspired her to take a deeper look into the whole food as medicine thing.

After finishing treatment, she decided to put her new found  passion to work and study to become a certified Holistic Health Coach.She wanted to help others who are going through similar health challenges, as well as those wanting to change their lives by transforming their relationship with food. Changing her diet helped her through her treatment as well as helped her to feel better now post-cancer.

You can read Natalies full story on her beautiful plant based blog where she share a lot of magical recipes. She also recently launched her Youtube channel where you can follow along and cook all those amazing dishes. 

Natalie and I have an tradition of going to Cafe Graditute the same day she gets to town.

We share a wellness shot and usually order the Humble Bowl with half rice and half quinoa. It's so good!



I'm sad to drop her off at the airport tomorrow but we both have so much fun stuff ahead so all I can think of right now is to see her again soon and talk about our recent adventures. 


What are you grateful for?



With Love,



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Friday Night Lights

I have had a pretty long week finishing up an Interior install, so this Friday I finally get to tackle some things in my house. I'm testing this light from West Elm. Not sure it it fits the vibes in my house but I will keep it up over and weekend and see how I feel about it in a few days.

I love the chrome-plated base together with the amber, especially since I have a lot of smoky blues in the living room.

Kelly was the best assistant, making sure I would not fall off the table or get electrocuted. 


My patio is currently being demolished so all my patio furniture ended up in the living room. The balcony is going to be extended to the edge of the house, and made 2 feet wider. I'm so excited, I'm planning to get a heater as well as some nice and cozy furniture.



I have had lovely Petra staying with me this past week. She went back to Sweden today and left me these beautiful flowers. Thank You! She is an amazing entrepreneur and I was happy to get to have her here even though I was working long nights and didn't get to spend as much time with her as I had wished. 


Since I saw Kelly's cool vintage straw bag a few years ago, I have been pinning similar bags and looking everywhere for one of my own. Recently, my friend Amanda had one too and this search escalated into an obsession. I had looked everywhere, and then just stepped in at Zara and there it was right in front of me. Score. 

This sweater is from H&M and I got it on sale. I have been eyeing it and could not resist when it was half off. It's wool too! 


How did you spend your Friday?

I'm hoping to pull the trigger on some good hiking shoes tomorrow and hit the trail!


With Love,


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Home Is Where My Heart Is

This little yellow house has been through a lot. It was in the summer of 2010 and I was driving back and forth from Hollywood to west LA to find a place for us to rent. I had told my friends,

" I want to find a little yellow cottage with hardwood floors and white walls. And maybe a fireplace and a brick wall..."

It took me a couple of months to find it. I had been looking around the Venice Canals, Main Street and all over Santa Monica and nothing was just right. I really wanted a stand-alone, a place where we could stay for a while, with good light and energy.


By the end of August I almost gave up on searching and just did one last check-in on Craigslist. I saw a post with one little image of a patio and something looking like a yellow house. It said "Tucked away cottage with lush garden," hardwood floors... I knew it was going to be mine. It had to. I emailed the realtor right away and drove over to Santa Monica for the open house first thing the next morning. The place was so crowded. All applications were gone. I think I spent 10 seconds inside the house before deciding. I'm going to get this house.


I talked to the realtor and explained to him that my boyfriend and I had been looking for a cottage for a long time and that we were super interested and from Sweden. He told me the family that own the property was German and that the landlord was outside the house in the garden. I walked up to the landlord, shook his hand and tried to get out the few German words I knew. He told me he loved Sweden, and we had a nice little chat.

The next morning I got a call from the realtor. He told me the house was mine if I wanted it. I had to act fast since there were a lot of people waiting to move in, but the landlord had said he really would like to rent it to us. My boyfriend was recording at that time and had not even seen the house. I called him up and we decided to do it. The location was perfect in the edge of NoMa (Right of Montana Ave) on 7th Street, just a few blocks from the ocean. The house had an attic for storage, so that was perfect for all our music equipment.

Since we had no credit history or even Social Security numbers we had to put down a larger deposit, It was a little stressful especially with rent being so high in Los Angeles but we managed to figure it out.


Just 3 months after moving in, we went home to Sweden for Christmas. Little did we know when packing 5 hours before our flights that it was going to be 9 months before we could come back.

Visa issues are never fun, but we managed to get through that struggle. I was not going to let go of this house. This house was my home away from home. Something I had been searching for a long time.


Many of you who know me know my doors are always open. I have always loved and been thankful when someone has let me stay at their house while traveling. I would not want someone not to be able to experience Los Angeles due to how expensive hotels are. I thought if I open my doors, maybe someone will do the same to me when I need that. My house is your house.  

Now looking back on all the little step-by-step renovations I have made, this house is finally starting to look like a home. Walls have been painted, floors sanded (they used to be orange) and the place is always changing from one day to another. Frames get moved around, furniture painted. It's definitetly alive.


I have made so many friends and bonded with a lot of magical people over this dining table. I did not own a car back then and really wanted a rustic wood table. I knew there was a hardware store a few miles away from my house so I managed to tape all the parts to my bike. Big planks of wood... I walked alongside Lincoln pushing the wood on my bike.


The first years after coming back from the unexpectedly long visit to Sweden was really hard on me. My boyfriend had his work permit, but I was not allowed to work on my Visa. I had so much creativity and passion but could not express it. At least not in the way I wanted. With no money to do fun stuff, I had to be creative with what I had. This house was my canvas. I was not really able to enjoy the beach because I had no ease and I felt guilty for not working. I took the time to learn new skills like advanced sewing, photography, graphic design, upholstery, videography etc… as well as helping my friends with their kids. I did not want to give up.  Finally in 2015 we got Green Cards. I had this little origami bird that I had made and put inside a little cage. It was my symbol to keep on going. I was the bird inside the cage. 

I used to say:


That cage and that bird now hang by my window, the door is open and the bird is free.


I don't know if I would had been able to get through those years without The Little Yellow House. I made sourdough bread from scratch, I got to take care of people and host. Give love to others, keep my doors open. The light inside was beautiful. There were days when I was alone and just looked at the wall, but most of the time I was able to pick myself up. With my boyfriend touring and traveling, it was not as lonely as it could have been because I had friends that were visiting from every corner of the world. Energy tends to stick around in places, and the reason everyone loves the energy in this house is because this house is everyone’s.



Now looking back on the past 8 years in this house, I am certain that

The best things are the most unexpected, when you trust your gut and let go, things have a way of just falling into place.

My life took a very unexpected turn last August. The rug was pulled out under my feet. Something I trusted and believed in was taken away from me without any notice. My trust, my love, my  beliefs... After losing a lot of things I decided to never lose myself. Me. I will never let myself down ever again. I will never let go of who I am. I Am Feeling Free.


My biggest obstacle has always been fear. Fear of failure. But also the fact that I have compromised too much. I tried to make others happy but forgot to check in with myself and make sure that I was doing all right. So now, moving forward, I will let go of fear. Everything always works out in the end.


With Love,





Images by: @Krickelin











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